User Liaison and Technology Facilitation Subcommittee

Vision | Mission |Scope


The actions of the User Liaison and Technology Facilitation (ULTF) subcommittee aim to achieve the institutionalization of the state of the art of quantitative highway safety information into professional practice; to be demonstrated by the widespread understanding and effective application of the fundamentals of highway safety.


Institutionalization of HSM practice and procedures and future advances in quantitative highway safety performance by users, including:

  • FHWA
  • TRB Committees
  • Local agencies
  • Consultants
  • Educators and Trainers.


The ULTF subcommittee coordinates the activities of the Highway Safety Performance Committee related to the implementation (in terms of understanding and application) of the HSM and other future methods and procedures approved by the Committee, gathering and disseminating of user feedback, and encouraging policy change to support the institutionalization of safety procedures. The ULTF Subcommittee will coordinate our efforts with other subcommittees, with the HSPC Communication Coordinator, with other TRB Committees, and with users of HSM. The scope of the ULTF subcommittee includes:

1. Facilitate understanding and application of HSM procedures

  •  To facilitate technology transfer
    • Training (existing workforce)
    • Education (future workforce)
    • Technical support
    • To promote the use / adoption of quantitative safety information practices and procedures
    • To encourage modification of design policy to reflect quantitative highway safety information
    • 2.  Gather User Feedback

      • To identify user needs
      • To translate needs into
      • Research priorities
      • Tools/software
      • Technical facilitation products
      • To establish a link and a review/response process with AASHTO and our Committee for external generated HSM errata