Conferences and Meetings Subcommittee

Mission | Scope


The mission of the group is to support and act as a conduit for efforts by the HSPC to provide a forum to expand the knowledge related to the safety performance knowledge base. This will be accomplished by the development and conduct of sessions and workshops and seminars.


  1. Recommend mid-year meetings & workshops (purpose, content, date, place, etc.) to the committee which facilitates the achievement of its objectives.
  2. Oversee logistics for annual and mid-year meetings, as well as workshops.
  3. Consider necessity and recommend to the committee potential annual meeting sessions and assist other subcommittees regarding logistics if necessary.
  4. Develop general schedules and facilitate arrangements for annual meetings and mid-year meetings, in accordance with direction from the committee.
  5. Work with committee to consider the potential for a symposium relating to safety issues – similar to the TRB Urban Streets Symposium.
  6. As assigned by the Chair set up a task force to review strategic efforts planned by the committee.