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Scope of the Committee

This Committee deals with the advancement, integration and institutionalization of quantitative highway safety information to support transportation decision-making at all levels. The function of this committee is to foster the continual development, validation and increased knowledge of science-based methods, procedures and measures that will increase the safety of the nation’s highways and roadways.


The Standing Committee on Highway Safety Performance is chaired by Dr. John Milton from Washington State Department of Transportation.

Current Membership

The membership of the committee as of January 2017 is as follows:

  • Milton, John/Washington State Department of Transportation (Chair)
  • Enloe, Tegan/DKS Associates, Inc. (Secretary)
  • Kleiner, Bernardo/Transportation Research Board (TRB Staff Representative)
  • Abdel-Aty, Mohamed/University of Central Florida (UCF) (Member)
  • Bahar, Geni/NAVIGATS Inc. (Member)
  • Campbell, John/ Battelle (Member)
  • Carter, Daniel/ UNC Highway Safety Research Center (Member)
  • Chen, Chong/ USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (Member)
  • Colling, Timothy/Michigan Technological University (Member)
  • Dimaiuta, Michael/FHWA Geometric Design Lab, GENEX Systems (Member)
  • Dixon, Karen/Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) (Member)
  • Ferguson, Erin/ Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (Member)
  • Gowan, Brelend/ Brelend C. Gowan, Attorney at Law & Legal Consultant (Member)
  • Harwood, Douglas/MRIGlobal (Member)
  • Hull, Robert/Utah Department of Transportation (Member)
  • Ivan, John/University of Connecticut (Member)
  • La Torre, Francesca/University of Florence (International Member)
  • Mason, John/Auburn University (Member)
  • Nitzel, John/CH2M HILL (Member)
  • Ogle, Jennifer/Clemson University (Member)
  • Polin, Bonnie/ Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Member)
  • Porter, Richard/ VHB (Member)
  • Qin, Xiao/University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Member)
  • Read, Stephen/Virginia Department of Transportation (Member)
  • Renard, April/ Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (Member)
  • Roche, Jerry/ Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) (Member)
  • Schultz, Grant/Brigham Young University (Member)
  • Shankar, Venkataraman/Texas Tech University (Member)
  • Tobias, Priscilla/Illinois Department of Transportation (Member)
  • Troyer, Derek/ Ohio Department of Transportation (Member)
  • Van Schalkwyk, Ida/ Washington State Department of Transportation (Committee Communications Coordinator & Member)
  • Venkataraman, Narayan/ Texas Tech University
  • Yannis, George/National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (International Member)

Current Subcommittees

Subcommittees are created within committees to perform specific functions and meet specific needs based on the scope and responsibilities of the committee. Subcommittee structures are more informal and change from time to time. These are the current subcommittees of TRB ANB25:

From time to time the standing committees create ad-hoc subcommittees or task groups to address specific questions. The following are ad-hoc subcommittees as of June 23, 2014:

  • Ad-hoc working group on CMFs/ Part D of the 2nd Edition of the Highway Safety Manual

TRB ANB25 is also a joint sponsor for some joint subcommittees. These joint subcommittees are sponsored by multiple committees and serves overlapping areas among standing committees. These are the current subcommittees that TRB ANB25 is jointly sponsoring:

  • Joint Subcommittee on Future Directions in Safety Research (jointly with ANB20)
  • Joint Subcommittee on International Human Factors Road Design  Guideline (jointly with AND10) as AND10(2))
  • Joint Subcommittee Speed and Safety

Interest in Participation

If you are interested in becoming involved in ANB25 activities, please contact the chair at miltonj@wsdot.wa.gov. For information on becoming involved in TRB and related activities, please visit: http://www.trb.org/AboutTRB/GetInvolvedCommitteesTF.aspx.